How COBIT 2019 Framework can be used to improve IT Governance

COBIT helps enterprises to create optimal value from IT by maintaining a balance among realizing benefits, optimizing risk levels, and resource usage. The framework addresses both businesses and IT functional areas across an enterprise. It considers the IT-related interests of internal and external stakeholders. Enterprises of all sizes, whether commercial, not-for-profit, or in the public sector, can benefit from COBIT.

Managing IT Risks – The Best Process for Today’s Enterprises

Standing on the cusp of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, enterprises need to make massive changes to adapt and succeed. This revolution differs from its predecessors because it is characterised by technologies fusing the physical, digital, and biological worlds. While the resulting shifts and disruptions introduce great promise, they also present great dangers. One of these dangers is IT risks.

XLAs: Next Big Thing in Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Service level agreement (SLAs) have always been a vital part of today’s digital enterprises. In addition to quantifying expectations in measurable terms, they focus on customer requirements and set clear and measurable standards of the vendor. Recently, however, industry leaders began moving away from SLA-driven contracts as they believe they may not meet rapidly changing […]

COBIT 5 vs. COBIT 2019

Since 1996, COBIT® framework has helped improve performance by managing and governing organisations’ information and technology. According to ISACA, the top four benefits of COBIT are: 1.  Business or IT integrations (73%) 2. Better risk management (60%) 3. Uncovering security gaps (49%) 4. Better visibility for the board of directors (45%) With the introduction of […]

How to improve the effectiveness of Project Management Office (PMO) using P3O

Enterprises of the 21st century have wholeheartedly embraced the concept of the Project Management Office (PMO). This is because PMO, i.e. the group or department which defines and maintains project management standards within an organisation, counter the inefficiencies which can derail projects.

Projects have the power to consume resources without proper management. According to the Harvard Business Review, projects can easily go 27%  over their intended cost. Unfortunately, projects with higher budgets have more chances to incur failure, costing organisations millions in losses.

Moreover, PricewaterhouseCoopers reports only 2.5% of companies successfully completed 100% of their projects. This study evaluated 10,640 projects from 200 companies in 30 countries from various industry verticals.

By hiring Project Management Office Professionals, businesses experience a rise in the succe

Information Security is the Same as IT & Cyber Security: The Biggest Myth

IT has evolved at an unrelenting pace in the past decade. As a result, cyber security has become the need of the hour. This is especially true as IoT, Big Data, and AI have become deeply rooted in every aspect of human life.

Now most individuals believe that setting technical controls like IDS, IPS, Firewall, Anti-virus, and DMZ maximizes safety. Unfortunately, this has led to the misconception that technical level security is the same as information security.

What is scarier is that in over a decade of delivering consultancy and corporate trainings on information security, I have come across professionals who believe Information Security and IT & Cyber Security are synonymous.

So, without further ado, let’s debunk this myth once and for all.

First off, however, let’s have a refresher course on the main three terms used throughout this article: Information Security, IT Security, and Cyber Security.

CISA Vs CISM? Which certification is better for me?

Do you know CISA(Certified Information Systems Auditor) and CISM(Certified Information Security Manager) have more differences than similarities? Selecting one of the most suitable qualifications for your career amongst the highest-paying IT certifications are difficult. Even though ISACA backs both certifications – one of the leading names in IT-related qualifications, the target audience of CISA is […]

Effective Project Management through PRINCE2

Effective Project Management is all about achieving goals and objectives successfully by careful planning and efficient management of resources. It isn’t just about sitting behind a desk only but involves systematic planning, negotiating, analyzing and if necessary intervening in the process. Being a project manager is not so easy, with loads of responsibilities on shoulders, […]

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