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Ensure an effective plan of Business Continuity Management

December 1, 2018Published in: Blogs
In simple words, business continuity can be termed as the act of taking responsibility for your business and preparing it for all the difficult situations in future. It is also about ‘keeping calm and carrying on”. Business continuity planning has also become an essential part of running any modern organization that takes its business and clients both seriously. Especially with so many business disasters looming that can befall an organization any minute, it will be quiet unwise not to prepare beforehand for all such catastrophes. Business Beam with its team of professionals has invested years in devising solutions that ensure an effective plan for proper business continuity management.
Business continuity is about building and improving resilience in business, it is about identifying the services and key products and most urgent activities that underpin them and after the completion of analysis it is about devising plans and strategies that ensure continuation of business operations. A business continuity management system can be designed and implemented with the help of ISO 22301 standard. ISO22301 is a set of interrelated elements that organizations use to establish, implement, monitor, operate, review, improve and maintain their business continuity capabilities. It is just not a standard but includes people, policies, plans, procedures, processes, structures and resources. So whether you are new to ISO22301 business continuity, or wish to take your expertise further, Business Beam has the right ISO 22301 Consultancy, Trainings and resources for your firm.A firm can ensure an effective plan for Business Continuity Management with the right Training and Consultancy. There is a multiplicity of benefits in planning for Business Continuity within your organizational setup. It not only protects your data, hardware and software but the people safeguarding your organization will be better protected should a disaster occur. With such advanced planning, employees will be informed and prepared beforehand as to what actions are needed to start the recovery process. If preparations are not made in advance, any unexpected situation can cause disruption and these disabling events can come in all shapes and varieties. They can vary from the very common calamities like building fires, hard drive corruption to severe and long lasting disruptions (city-wide or national basis) like transport issues, infrastructure weakening, terrorist attacks or critical loss of staff due to epidemic illness etc.

Smaller companies shall not take it easy as the impact of above-mentioned disasters can hit them much harder. For instance, unexpected non-availability of core workers alone can be quite a stressful situation. Also, if only one person is trained or specialized in a particular task or management of a project, his unexpected absence can severely affect the productivity. Hence putting business continuity plans into practice within your organization prepares your business for future vulnerabilities and also helps reduce or remove the effect such disasters could have on an organization. In addition to the above-mentioned benefits, there are other advantages of business continuity planning that cannot be ignored. For example with an effective and practiced Business Continuity plan, insurance companies will view you more favorably should any disaster ever require you to call upon their services. In creating a business continuity plan, the process of evaluating weaknesses and solutions to deal with them allows management to gain an understanding of the minutia and identifies ways to strengthen shortcomings.

Business Beam with its years of consulting offers business continuity planning that will make your organization robust and strengthen it against large and small-scale problems. The detailed planning with incorporation of ISO 22301 training will maintain your image, brand and reputation and you will be known as a reliable company that is good for long-term business relation. So why not take the deal and get the risk meter down, think long-term and it will make much more sense!

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