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If You Run IT Services You Need to Implement ISO 20000

December 1, 2018Published in: Blogs
In contemporary times, Organizations exhibit large dependency on IT services. From reaching out to more potential customers to streamlining operations, the benefits of informational technology are vast and indefinite. Take for example Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), the standard framework that has become an established entity within the IT service management field; if a company has improved processes causing it the most pain using ITIL best practices, it may realize sooner or later that the focus keeps shifting to things not considered important earlier. The ISO 20000 standard was conceived to fill certain gaps and is modeled upon the principles of ITIL and offers IT organizations the possibility to become certified.
Business Beam has more than a decade experience of serving its clients in the IT industry and has helped them make right choices for their success. It recommends implementation of ISO 20000 standard so that IT organizations can achieve evidence-based benchmarks to constantly improve their IT services. The global standard was developed to mirror the set of best practices described within the IT infrastructure library (ITIL) framework and provides a strict set of requirements for implementation. The scope can prove to be quiet demanding for majority of growing IT service companies in the start but as a firm matures, the advantages of a service management system become more obvious. These advantages identify the tips and techniques to increase competency of IT service management organization as opposed to what could or should be done.

The benefits of implementing ISO 20000 are unlimited. Six major ones are listed below:

  1. It allows an integrated Service management system (SMS) that supports the vital and core service management functions.
  2. It allows better alignment of IT services and the business it supports. Also winning the trust and confidence of customers becomes easier by adopting common language and knowledge.
  3. It enables the organization to focus on all key processes. For example, proper measurements and control of integrated SMS show new perspective about organization’s service management business. Also it helps identifying most valuable customers by implementing results obtained from Budgeting, accounting capacity management processes.
  4. It enhances reputation of company in the market. An IT company with ISO 20000 certification is still not so common. Hence the certification proves your seriousness in business.
  5. It removes bottlenecks and ambiguities in service management domain by defining strict roles, responsibilities and ownership of all processes.
  6. It enhances vertical communication in the organization and the regular feedback improves the quality of both tactical and strategic decisions.

ISO 20000 certification stays with the company and not any individual and is an intellectual property that helps keep knowledge about service management business within the company only. Undoubtedly these benefits are aligned with an IT management perspective but in the end if you need to run IT services, a strong management system is what matters the most.

The implementation and eventually the certification process for ISO 20000 is not an easy one. However with proper consultation form the experts at Business Beam it becomes a possibility opening doors for organizational success. When examining the differences between mainframe systems management services and ITSM, it becomes evident that when ITSM is applied in today’s IT environment and throughout the organization, the benefits of its best practices are exemplified. Moreover ITSM is applicable to both distributed and centralized environments and provides for integrated services that are process based with a focus on satisfied business requirements. Contact Business Beam for more details and you will be surprised to know how much your business needs this initiative!

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