Business Communication for IT Professionals / Graduates

Business Communication for IT Professionals / Graduates

Learn Effective Communication to bring effectiveness in your internal and external communication.


  • Trainer is Experienced and Graduated from University of Oxford, UK

  • The Trainer has Conducted 250+ Sessions

  • Exercises and Group Activities for Better Understanding

  • Case Studies and Scenarios to Elaborate the Concepts




“Are engineers better at business than business people? It’s debatable. Business people certainly seems to have bigger houses, drive fancier cars, wear nicer clothes and have better looking mates. Engineers lack the time management skills to spend that kind of money. They waste all their time inventing ways to make the most money in the quickest, most efficient way possible. And then when they figure it out, they optimize the process.”    Raul Perez

Engineers need a balanced skill-set that includes business acumen and tailoring communication to the diverse needs of stakeholders. Executives, customers, managers, colleagues, suppliers and other stakeholders have different business expectations and communication needs/preferences that must be well-understood by engineers. This workshop helps engineers and managers to quickly develop essential business and communication skills that are necessary for job success and career advancement.

During the workshop participants learn to balance engineering competencies across these five areas: technical, communication, leadership, project management, and business fundamentals, with emphasis in the areas of business acumen and communication skills.

Learning Objectives

  • Skills and characteristics that separate top-performers from the aver-age; a balanced skill-set defined; Harvard and Stanford job success studies.
  • Definitions of business skills, soft skills, technical skills, management skills; leadership characteristics; business communication skills.
  • Financial concerns for engineers; focus on customer needs and customer satisfaction; contributing to business process improvements; developing and presenting a business case for new products / concepts / technologies / ideas.
  • Self-assessment; Case study: Characteristics of the Greatest Engineers.
  • The fundamental elements of communication; engaging your audience of one to many; communicating the appropriate level of detail; making use of executive summaries; becoming a better listener; inspiring action with clear, concise and engaging communication.
  • Building trust, respect, rapport, and influence.
  • Self-management; managing tasks and priorities; handling interruptions; email management; planning and estimating work.

Recommended Participants

  • IT Professionals
  • Technical Marketing Professionals
  • R&D Staff / Leaders
  • Project Leaders
  • Managers

Training Format

The training is specially designed, includes

  • Team activities
  • Best-practices sharing
  • Relevant selling skills questionnaire
  • Story-telling
  • Individual and group exercises
  • Video-based activities

Materials Provided

  • Printed Training Material
  • Topic Related Templates for Performance Improvement
  • Training Attendance Certificates
  • The Principles of Effective Communication
  • How to go ahead at work?
  • Efficient Communication for IT Leaders / IT Managers / IT Professionals
  • Managing Efficient Communication within Teams / Departments
    • Effective Communication to make sure efficient performance and avoiding late hours at work
  • Presentation Skills
  • Reporting Skills; Performance, ROI, Challenges and Plans
  • Verbal Communication within and outside Organization
    • Presenting the Ideas / solutions / services / products
    • Networking
    • Meetings
  • 3Es (Efficient Email Etiquettes) within and outside Organization
    • Juniors
    • Seniors
    • Peers
    • Clients
    • Vendors
    • Networking
  • Emotional Intelligence in effective Communication for IT Professionals
  • Meeting; within and outside organizations
  • Problem Solving and Incident Management with Effective Communication
  • Using Language to Inspire and Motivate your audience
  • Body language and Business Communication


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